Welcome to The Reluctant Traditionalist

After a long hiatus I have reactivated The Reluctant Traditionalist, which used to be hosted here. This site will be my new musing area for articles on small scale agriculture, traditional liturgy, the relationship of faith and science, and pretty much anything else I choose to write about.

If you want to know what I mean by “traditionalist” you can find that answer here.

Why am I “reluctant”? Well, on the one hand I think that in any number of instances our leaders have really harmed the equilibrium of the Catholic Church by adopting some pretty untraditional ways of thinking and acting. The liturgy is the most outstanding example of that. On the other hand I find myself at odds with my fellow traditionalists on any number of issues that seem, especially in the U.S., to have become enshrined as veritable traditionalist litmus tests. It is a tension that I don’t particularly relish. But broadly speaking I think a traditionalist mindset (as defined in the article linked above) is a correct one and therefore I continue to call myself a Catholic traditionalist, albeit reluctantly.

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